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The Strange Effects of Magic Mushrooms on the Human Brain

According to the US government’s Narconon.org news site, the reason Magic mushroom, known as MM for short, is likened to a synthetic drug because it contains the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin, causing users to be euphoric, hallucinating, panic attacks, and possibly even psychosis.

Although poisonous, it is used by many people in the form of food, such as making tea, mixed with other foods or used as a chocolate coating because of its attractive bitter taste. About 30 minutes after eating, the hallucinogenic effects of the MM mushroom begin to kick in. Human perception of color, sound and light begins to change. Everything around moves, accompanied by nausea, muscle weakness and other physical changes. The changes in perception and thinking alone can last up to half a day.

There are hundreds of different types of MM mushrooms containing psilocybin, occurring in many parts of the world such as Mexico, South America, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the southern United States and eastern Australia. MM has been found to have been used for thousands of years in religious rituals around the world, especially in the life of the Aztecs.

In the 50s and 60s of the last century, in the United States, many experiments were conducted to produce pharmaceutical products from this fungus. Along with Mescaline and LSD, MM mushrooms are made into drugs that cause research, so they are banned and considered illegal. For pure medicine, recently MM mushroom has been used to treat mental disorders and many other diseases.

According to research by King’s College London (UK) after use, psilocybin enters the nervous system, disrupts the communication network of the brain, giving rise to hallucinations, which will make the user feel euphoric and intense. so powerful that it changes either perception or reason. Because drugs change the mind, there is a great risk, especially in changing a person’s personality, causing dependence leading to addiction and difficult-to-control mental effects. Some people may not be able to distinguish a hallucination from reality, causing injury to themselves and those around them.

Strange effects of MM on the human brain


Psilocybin is the most important compound in MM mushrooms, affecting the brain and causing the user to have rich, vivid hallucinations, such as erratic images, exaggerated colors, different tastes and sounds compared to other mushrooms. reality.
In short, the brain seems to go crazy, like after taking LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), a powerful psychedelic drug, which stimulates the overall brain activity, making the brain excited. It makes the brain hyper-connected, allowing previously inactive regions to become highly active. This hyperlink will disappear when psilocybin wears off.

Permanent impact

There have been a number of studies conducted in the US that show that when injected into people, their personalities will be changed, not simply disturbed neural connections. Users become more open, liberal, attractive to others, they have a lasting impact for more than a year, not just temporary. Specifically, users of MM mushrooms experienced long-lasting effects, which persisted for at least 14 months after a single dose, and could be permanently but positively altered.

Create psychedelic dreams

Psilocybin is a special compound that many other drugs do not have, creating effects unique to humans, helping the brain to have hallucinatory dreams while awake. Using fMRI scans of people affected by psilocybin showed increased blood flow in the hippocampus and anterior coronal cortex, which is responsible for emotional processing and is one of the first brain regions to evolve most strongly. human. Not only did the two parts of the brain light up like a candle after taking psilocybin, but it also created “hyperlinks” with other brain regions including areas that had been dormant, the effect of psilocybin being similar to when psilocybin was administered. sleep and dream.

Create strong illusions

Although it is not fully and precisely understood how psilocybin produces the potent hallucinogenic effects, it is hypothesized that psilocybin overdrives the nervous system, creating “hyper connections” that make organs Different parts of the brain and nervous system communicate with each other in unusual ways. Create vivid, powerful sensations, such as melting walls, dazzling colors, changing real-world objects, or severe distortions that differ from reality. Especially with psilocybin, when used, people also see empathy, the phenomenon when the neural pathways of the senses pass and flicker, causing people to appear other strange sensations.

The positive effects of psilocybin

Psilocybin not only induces a drowsy state by stimulating core regions, and primitive brain regions that process human deepest emotions, but it also actively “closes” the brain’s higher-level cognitive abilities. the set. Psilocybin attenuated effects on brain regions “later on” in the evolutionary chain, such as the prefrontal cortex, the areas responsible for high thinking, reasoning, and self-identification. This makes the user experience more intimate and bold in everyday activities. Many users of psilocybin report a better but positive feeling of “connectedness”.

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