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What to Do When Someone Tries to Blackmail You Emotionally

What’s the deal with that?

It’s a kind of emotional blackmail when someone manipulates your feelings to influence or convince you to see things their way. When the people in your life use fear, obligation, and guilt to manipulate you, Dr. Susan Forward, a therapist, author, and speaker, invented the term “emotional blackmail” in 1997. To help people better understand and resist emotional blackmail, she uses case studies to dissect the concept. We called Erika Myers, a therapist in Bend, Oregon, to learn more about emotional blackmail and what it comprises, since there isn’t much information out there about it. She describes emotional blackmail as deceptive and subtle. A lack of love, unhappiness or even a small alteration in body language might be a sign of a breakup, she adds. In case of any  الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

The mechanics of it

As with conventional blackmail, someone is seeking to get something from you via emotional blackmail. When they want to dominate you, they utilise your emotions instead of your secrets to do it

According to Forward, the steps of cyber blackmail are as follows:


Emotional blackmail begins with a demand for a desired outcome.

You may hear, “I don’t feel you should hang out with so-and-so anymore,” from the person. They may be able to tone it down a little. When you run into that buddy, they pout and angrily reply to you. / (or not at all). To your question, they respond: “I dislike how they gaze at you,” when you tell them what’s wrong. In my perspective, they don’t seem to be good for you” After all, they express their compassion for you in their request. However, this is still an effort to influence your choice of companion. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.


Refusal to comply with their demands will almost certainly result in retaliation. As a result of your lack of insurance, you have the right to refuse to allow someone else drive your automobile.


When individuals are in healthy relationships, they are still able to communicate their wishes. Normally, when you show resistance in a relationship, the other person will either give up or make an effort to work out a solution together.


Because you don’t want them to carry out their threats, you give up and accept defeat. Because of your objection to their “request,” you may be thinking whether your actions were reasonable. Pressure and threats may wear you down over time, making it easier to comply. When you give up, the pandemonium fades away and you are left with a sense of tranquilly. Because they have everything they want in life, they may look lovely and compassionate for a short period.


The other person will know precisely how to handle such situations in the future after you show them that you will finally concede. When you’re subjected to emotional blackmail on a regular basis, you learn that it’s easier to comply than to put up with the stress. As time passes, you may come to feel that their love is conditional, withholding it until and until you accept their point of view. In fact, they may find that a certain kind of risk helps them do the work faster. As a consequence, we should expect this trend to continue.



If you’re being punished, you’ll be told exactly what you’re supposed to do and threatened with dire consequences if you don’t.

Direct threats are the most common means of enforcing this, although punishers may also use violence, wrath, or silence to exert their influence.

Take this as an example:

Your partner comes up behind you and kisses you as you enter.

“I sold a lot of stuff today!” Let us sigh with joy. In between bites of dinner and dance steps comes a grin and the promise of love at last. “Congratulations!” you yell. “On the other hand, I’m so tired.” Soaking in the tub for an extended period of time was on my to-do list. Why don’t we do it then?

Instantly, their demeanour changes. Sighing and slamming doors as they go down the corridor, they sulk. There is no response even if you keep following and trying to communicate.

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