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How to select the best oxygen concentrator in India for Covid?

Are you looking for the best oxygen concentrator in India for covid-19? Before proceeding with your objectives, we recommend that you go through the following article.

In India, the healthcare industry collapsed during the two waves of Covid-19 . Many patients were prescribed oxygen treatment, but oxygen cylinders were in limited supply. People began to search for a dependable supply of oxygen treatment during this time, and oxygen concentrators were discovered to be the most suited.

Many individuals, on the other hand, were unfamiliar with the machine and had no idea what specs to search for or which model would be ideal for them. We’ll go over a few pointers that will assist you in finding the best oxygen concentrator in India for Covid.

Do not purchase adjustable purity oxygen concentrators: In the recent past, many oxygen concentrator models such as the Yuwell300, Dedakj, etc have become famous. But, many people are unaware that they are not suited for Covid-19 patients.

A person suffering from respiratory illness needs at least 90% pure oxygen to breathe. But these adjustable purity oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen at around 30% at their highest flow-rate which is not at all sufficient for the patient.

The atmosphere already comprises 21% oxygen, therefore adding a tiny percentage of oxygen concentration would have no effect on the patient’s recovery. Therefore, such oxygen concentrators are not intended for medical use, and you should avoid purchasing them.

Do not stock oxygen concentrators: India is expected to be affected by the third wave of Covid. Several people are purchasing oxygen concentrators in order to be prepared for unanticipated circumstances, which is a wise decision. However, as responsible people, we must ensure that we do not stockpile the concentrator and cause a market scarcity.

Rather than buying them privately, you might ask the local administration to purchase a few units of oxygen concentrators for a specific region so that the market price remains steady.

Which is the best model of oxygen concentrator: Because Covid-19 patients may not need a long-term oxygen therapy, a most appropriate and cost-effective option for you will be to purchase or rent a home oxygen concentrator. You can pick between a 5 LPM and a 10 LPM model based on your doctor’s advice.

In many instances, a 5 LPM model will be enough. If you’re thinking how much a 5 LPM concentrator would cost and where you can get one, check out our in-depth review of the best oxygen concentrator in India.

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