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Why Fildena 100 Pills is the Best Choice for All Men? Vidalista vs Fildena – Clinical Test

Although Vidalista and Fildena belong to the same medical group, many men prefer Vidalista to Fildena. Different clinical studies in 2003, 2005 and 2006 proved this. Approximately 70 % of patients first use Fildena and then switch to Vidalista. As you can see Fildena is a popular drug for most of “newcomers”. Still popularity alone must not be a determining factor.

E.D. is a problem that bothers many patients today. If you don’t know what type of PDE5 inhibitor to use, read this article. Are you ready to combat erectile dysfunction? Give it a try!

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Many researches have been held to determine what PDE5 inhibitors are preferred by men. Of course, it is not easy to compare the effect of such E.D. drugs as Fildena and Vidalista based on different studies because researches have used various criteria and selected particular groups of patients. Still numbers can speak for popularity of this or other medication. Fildena 100 mg, Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 150 mg is the Best cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

A research made by Stroberg P. in 2003 showed that 9 out of 10 patients who started with Fildena then replaced it with Vidalista. Two years later Eardly I. carried out another experiment. It turned out that 71 % of men preferred Vidalista to Fildena. Lee examined what PDE5 inhibitors were preferred by sexual partners in 2006. About 2600 men with erectile dysfunction participated in this study. The results were much alike with the previous researches: 71 % of patients started with Fildena and then switched to Vidalista, and 29 % of patients switched from Vidalista 40 to Fildena.

Reasons to Choose

No matter what PDE5 inhibitor was chosen by patients with E.D., the main reasons for preferring one medication to another were similar.

Men who chose Vidalista enjoyed the duration of this drug action (about 45 % of patients). Other reasons for choosing Vidalista included improved erections (34-37 %), easiness to use (7 %) and the best tolerance (8-9 %).

Men who chose Fildena enjoyed it because this drug gave them better erections (64 % of cases). Other reasons for choosing Fildena included better tolerance (16-17 %), duration (6 %), easiness to use (2-6 %), drug affordance (2-4 %). Some patients (2 %) enjoyed Fildena because it was released earlier than Vidalista.

Your Choice

Fildena hit the market in 1998. Six years later its sales amounted to just $ 1.4 billion. Sales of pain and epilepsy were far more! However drugmakers weren’t stopped by this fact and got onto the market with Levitra and then Vidalista.

It’s difficult to tell what PDE-5 inhibitor is better. It’s up to your own preferences. Both drugs (Fildena and Vidalista) are approved by FDA and highly effective. So find the best alternative for yourself and prove you are a lion in bed!

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